Terrence Moore was born in Northern Minnesota and at the age of 9, moved to Claremont, California, then a bucolic town with citrus groves and eucalyptus-lined streets.  He lived close to the iconic highway which became his playground.  “I rode my bike on 66, went to High School on 66, bought my first car on 66”.  After high school, he moved to Albuquerque right next to the famed highway, near Old Town. His life was shaped by traveling the open roads of Route 66 and American West, which inspired and indulged his adventurous spirit. To Terry, the Mother Road is like home, “a beloved house of childhood. It changes, yet it is familiar; each time I drive down the road I see something new.”

The feeling of driving down the highways brought excitement, curiosity and a sense of discovery that is evident in each of his photographic captures. Terry’s Fine Art photographs are a celebration to America, a moment in history.